Chapel of Divino Amore

Location: Valle d’Itria (Italy)
Construction budget: Under evaluation
Area: 260 m²
Year: 2012
Status: Development phase

The Chapel of Divino Amore, which is informally named “The Prayer”, is located in Puglia, in Valle d’Itria area, an Italian region known as the “heel of Italy”.
The project is generated by the idea of a common praying gesture: “the praying hands”.
Such a prayer gesture, which sees two hands clasped or folded together before the heart, is a symbol of sincerity, salvation and safety.
As it has historically been used in many religions, from Christianity to Hinduism and Buddhism, likewise it is here used as a global form of communication with the Divine.
The project is characterized by a prominent roof: two wings facing the sky, so to leave the front facade open to the outdoor, like an invitation to take part and meditate.
The white roof becomes part of the façade and seems to reinforce the stability of the whole structure.
Large glass panels play in a geometric composition so to guarantee a constant relationship between the inside and the outside. The inner conversation with the self-interacts then with the outdoor landscape.