New York City Light

Location: New York (USA)
Client: New York City - Dep. of Design & Construction + Transportation
Year: 2004
Status: Competition exhibited Museum of City of New York

New York is a city saturated with images, lights, and colors - a sensory overload that has a tendency to blind the viewer from appreciating the city's urban form. Outdoor illumination can transform this experience. The purpose of this intervention is to plant an urban form that engages the viewer into a v i s u a l d i a l o g u e. Conceived as an architectural component, it will enrich the city with positive changes and surprises. It will guarantee a 24 hour experience expressing itself as an a r t f o r m in the streetscape during the day and throughout the night. This lamp will enhance the legibility of the city - the appearance of key landmarks, quality of public spaces, and street importance. The new street light is designed with respect to historical precedence yet expresses itself for the new millennium. The flexibility of design accords with every part of the city. With material and detailing of high quality, it carries the latest technological systems informing the viewer about direction and