Contemporary Art Museum

Location: Shanghai (China)
Construction budget: Under evaluation
Area: 6700 m²
Year: 2011
Status: Development phase

Walking through the halls of a museum to enrich ourselves with emotions induced by artistic expressions, is an ecstatic moment in which the individual allows himself to be captured.
Therefore Art perception should take place in a neutral and non-invasive, and it should develop within a path with no boundaries, a continuous space and not a delimited one; sinuous and flexuous walls as feminine curves
The building, located in Shanghai, grows through the flow of directed paths that evolve into standstill spaces where to contemplate the work of art. The floor plan, denying squared and fixed settings, is thus defined by moments of surprise and natural acceptance.
The exhibition areas are developed on two levels, whereas a third one is dedicated to offices. The Museum hosts also dining spaces and shops along the hall, as well as a multimedia room for concerts, screenings and lectures.