Church da Madalena

Location: São Paulo (Brazil)
Construction budget: Under evaluation
Area: 800 m²
Year: 2011
Status: Development phase

A religious project, a strong and vibrant impact that captures the essence of prayer through a 'megalithic' mark.
This holy place, which has been inspired by the “dolmens”, rests on uprights elements /piers that are proposed in a vertical sequence shaping the façade.
Similar to “capstones”, the lead clad roof slabs are supported on a lightweight structure, which lift them from the walls, so to reinforce the lightness perception.
The direct and indirect light hits the roof slabs and reflects the construction lines over the walls and pavements, creating a fascinating and sacral atmosphere.
An intentionally minimalist place; white concrete walls, corners, lines and openings whose inhomogeneity is easy to be perceived.