Fitness Center

Location: New York (USA)
Client: Private
Area: 7000 sq feet on 2 floors
Year: 2018
Status: Completed

A new trend has just arrived in New York,
it's consists in offering members a body experience that is truly
integrated into the perception of space.

The fitness center has been designed to reach this objective, thanks to special ambient shades and selected light effects.

The place is designed to invite customers to focus on the exercise routine and to experience a total physical perception thanks to a dark blue dominant colour that envelops the space.

The area is illuminated only by laser beams, which revolutionize the concept of direct light, projecting and returning light beams with harmonious decorative and scenic effects.

The two levels fitness center is composed by several exercise rooms, cloakrooms and a relaxing lounge area with a juice bar to sip energy and antioxidant drinks.