Location: Bari (Italy)
Year: 2010
Status: Completed - project exhibited @ Architectural Biennale of Venice
The project is based on the recovery of the urban memory lost during the city’s development.
The proposal for the requalification of the coast of Bari in the Punta Perotti area recalls the characters of Puglia’s cultural background which has history of
foreign contamination and cultural exchanges with the Mediterrean area.
In this project the coast line of Punta perotti’s area seems to win back the morphologic local character of the shoreline.
Two system lines are generated: natural line- coast, tides and erosion. Artificial line – street and blocks.
The combination of these two systems generates a grid which lives in harmony with the site: creating two forces, an artificial force which stitches and a natural force which deforms.
Memory scape: it is a space to stitch the city through the memory that generates it.