Baldassare Agnelli Showroom New York

Location: New York (USA)
Client: Agnelli
Area: 130 m²
Year: 2013
Status: Completed

Renovation of the Pentole Agnelli showroom which is the leader company of Agnelli Group that has dedicated the research and the production of aluminum for over 100 years. The showroom is located in the hearth of Manhattan , in the ladies Mile part of the Fifth Avenue, in the Flatiron district. The intervention consisted of a total renovation of the space, to achieve an open area flexible and welcoming that would allow gathering happenings to promote the Italian culture.This space is in continuous evolution thanks to its furniture on wheels, so to be transformed in different options. Can also become a cooking class space to promote Italian cuisine in fact the kitchen is open on three sides and has a lounge area composed by aluminum furniture produced by Agnelli group. (